Who we are

Sgema’s director, and Senior Consultant, is Meilyr Ceredig – Chartered by both the CIPR and CIM. He has over two decades of experience in working for some of Wales’s best known private and public sector organisations at some of the leading agencies both inside Cardiff, and out of it.

For each campaign brief a tailored team of professionals are drawn upon, subject specific consultants through to marketing discipline specialists, in order to deliver the brief against clearly defined objectives.

What we believe in

You won’t find much about us on social media. And you won’t meet us at noisy networking events. That’s not our approach. We believe in promoting our clients and their campaigns – not ourselves.

And you can rest assured that we offer our clients the absolute confidentiality more commonly associated with law, than communications.

Our litmus test is ‘will it leave Wales a better place if the project is successful?’ As consultants which project directed the ‘national conversation’ prior to The Well-being of Future Generations Act, our hope is that we work with clients to provide value to their organisation but in so doing also wider Wales.

Our second test tends to be ‘is it interesting…?’ So if the subject is interesting but the budget small we have been known to throw caution to the wind if we think we can help move something forward.

You won’t find our recent work on Sgema social media pages. That is our client’s success to tell. Our role is behind the camera, not in front of it.

Who we work with

Our consultants have worked for a huge range of clients over the years, from stakeholder management projects for leading UK organisations and community outreach consultations for well-known renewable energy companies, through to multi-million pound consumer awareness campaigns for public sector organisations such as the Welsh Government. We are used to projects both big and small, and you will always get our expertise and dedication, no matter your budget or scale.

You won’t find client case studies here – but if you would like a testimonial, just get in touch. We’re happy to introduce you to any client we’ve worked with over the years for their honest opinion of our strengths and weaknesses.